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GIS Services
With many years of research and real life experience in all territories of the Geographical Information System (GIS) domain, we provide successful and accurate execution of your GIS related projects.For any research project, the essential and important point with GIS mapping data is registering a map with the correct real world coordinates. If the maps are not georeferenced, no other information can be displayed over or positioned under the map coverage. With our GIS services, we offer accurate georeferencing / geocoding of your projects at affordable prices.
Our broad understanding of healthcare data,federal regulations, health missions, fraud, waste and abuse protection, quality measurement and more ensures support and innovation tailored to your real-world needs. We make your data work for you.
Professional services rendered using state of the art GIS tools and technologies. Government organizations are using our GIS maps and analysis in developing actionable plans to acheive their organization's strategic objectives. Mapping can also assist in providing valuable insight including assessing the viability of current development projects or the location of planned ones. A map may display human settlement densities in a county relative to its clinics, hospitals, and schools to indicate areas of greatest need. A map could also be used to ascertain that there are sufficient service roads, or help determine how many people are at risk from flooding or earthquakes, or numerous other geographic situations.

Sample Maps


This sample layout can help you understand how different types of data might be displayed on a map. For example, Postal Service ZIP codes are easy to obtain and use, but the odd shapes make it difficult to see patterns. Census Bureau Block Areas, are harder to obtain, but much better at showing patterns in population. You can also overlay School Districts, Cities, Roads, or almost any other geographic feature.


This is simple County Map with an overlay of Community Mental Health service areas, Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan boundaries, and the new Behavioral Health Region Management areas.

Regional Road Map

This map shows the Behavioral Health Region Management area five in greater details with Cities and Roads added for reference points.

Regional ZIP Code Map

This sample map shows Wayne County, Michigan with an overlay of ZIP Codes. An additional overlay of actual Medicaid enrollee residential locations was used to better understand where clinics were needed.

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