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Sample Selector
Sample Selector is a free statistical software package that providers can download to assist in a claims review. The software can assists the user in selecting random samples and estimating improper payments. The main purpose of the software is for providers to download and use as part of their efforts to fulfill the claims review requirements for corporate integrity agreements or provider self-disclosure protocol.
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LEP or Limited English Proficiency is a complex set of standards defining the type and level of translation and interpretation support required of public agencies for non-English speaking clients. One area of particular concern is healthcare. In general, healthcare agencies receiving federal funding need to be prepared to provide translators and intepreters for their client.

LEP Compliance Tools
The following tools are available to help your organization better serve your clients and achieve compliance with LEP regulations. You can download samples of the available materials. Sample Material

  • "I speak" translated reference cards to aid in one to one communication with your client. The binder includes 18 most commonly spoken languages in state of Michigan.
  • Wall Posters - with translations of the most frequently spoken languages announcing your willingness to communicate in those languages.
  • Appointment Cards - to document recorded name and case number for clients later reference and subsequent appointment.

To order these LEP compliance tools for your organization, Please contact us.

LEP Training Aid
These examples are representative exerpts from the training components available for LEP instruction. Sample materials are available for download.

LEP Training Packet - includes three ring binder, training CD, appointment cards, and "I speak" translated wall posters
EXAMPLE - Limited English Proficiency CD
EXAMPLE - LEP - Training - Basic - Instructor Notes
EXAMPLE - LEP - Training - Basic - Narration

To order these LEP training aids for your organization, Please contact us.

LEP Reference Documents
A few of the available government publications explaining the basis and impact of LEP regulations.

LEP 28CFR42-2 - Title VI Code - 1998-07-01.pdf
Early basis for LEP. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 - Non-discrimination in federally assisted programs.

LEP Analysis of DHHS OCR Title VI Guidance - 2000-09-27.pdf
Guidance on prohibiting discrimination against persons with limited English proficiency

LEP Guidance to Federal Financial Assistance Recipients Title VI - 2009-05-19.pdf
Updated guidance on prohibiting discrimination against persons with limited English proficiency.

LEP Analysis of DHHS OCR Title VI Guidance - 2000-09-27.pdf
Example three-tier policy process outline for health services attending patients and clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.

LEP FR68-103 - Enforcement of Title VI - 2003-05-29.pdf
U.S. Department of Labor guidance on enforcement policy for federal financial assistance recipients regarding discrimination based on nation of origin.

LEP FR65-169 - Final Policy Guidance HHS OCR - 2000-08-30.pdf
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Civil Rights, Title VI policy guidance on prohibition against discrimination based on nation of origin.

LEP Policy Guidance DOJ Title VI - 1999-01-28.pdf
U.S. Attorney General guidance regarding state and block grant funded programs as applied to non-discrimination practices.

ADA 28CFR35 Government Services - 2001-07-01.pdf
Prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability by public entities.

ADA 49CFR27 Government Funded - 2000-10-01.pdf
Qualified ADA individuals will not be excluded from participation, benefit, or subject to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

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