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Our broad understanding of healthcare data,federal regulations, health missions, fraud, waste and abuse protection, quality measurement and more ensures support and innovation tailored to your real-world needs. We make your data work for you.
  • Providing meaningful and accurate reports in a timely manner.
  • Staying abreast of current topics and program changes
  • Providing statiscally valid projections and data analyses using your historical data.
We understand data like no one else.

Data Analytics

We provide services and best practices to perform data analytics in order to provide you with accurate and meaningful views from your data. Our analytics solutions can be used at dufferent levels with and outside of an organization. Whether your organization is delivering care or managing organizations providing care , We can help you discover the knowledge you need to match patients with treatments that work.

Medicaid Data Processing

We specialize in assiting you and provide solutions that help you process the Michigan Medicaid Enrollment/Capitation,Adult Benefit Waiver and MIChild data files. Whether you need software, technical support, or would prefer to have it taken care of for you, we would be happy to support your operation.

Population Mapping

2012 state and county demographics reports are available.

Current reports include nearly 100 pages of detail on;

  • Population History (back to 1970)
  • Population Projections (out to 2030)
  • Population Distribution by Year of Age and Gender
  • Detail on Growth Rates for Medicaid Age Groups
  • Population Data for various Minority Groups
  • Employment/Unemployment Profiles
  • Income and Poverty Detail

The reports can also display aggregate data for any combination of counties in Michigan.Custom reporting is available to meet all your business needs in this ever changing environment.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

We provide GIS mapping services that let you visualize, question, analyze and make more meaningful decisions for your organization. Professional services rendered using state of the art GIS tools and technologies. Government organizations are using our GIS maps and analyses in developing actionable plans to acheive their organization's strategic objectives. Mapping can also assist in providing valuable insight including assessing the viability of current development projects or the location of planned ones. A map may display human settlement densities in a county relative to its clinics, hospitals, and schools to indicate areas of greatest need. A map could also be used to ascertain that there are sufficient service roads, or help determine how many people are at risk from flooding or earthquakes, or numerous other geographic situations.

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